Neoprene G-spot Pal

Neoprene G-spot Pal

Category: Restraints
Code: 1135-3736

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Lux Fetish Neoprene G-Spot Pal. Give your sexual partner the best orgasm they've ever had, every time with our Lux Fetish G-Spot Pal. These fully adjustable, high quality ankle cuffs will take the pressure of their legs for enhanced stimulation and deeper penetration. Hitting the G-Spot has never been this easy! Also suitable for P-spot anal penetration. Double the fun by using them as wrist restraints. Easy to hit targeted areas. Fully adjustable High quality construction. New image added December 15, 2012.

Color: Black
Material: neoprene
Brand: Electric / Hustler Lingerie

Price:  $10.95


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