S&m Adjustable Handcuff

S&m Adjustable Handcuff S&m Adjustable Handcuff S&m Adjustable Handcuff

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Handcuffs never felt so good! The Sex and Mischief Adjustable Handcuff are soft and sturdy cuffs with easy on and off closures that connect with a nylon strap that adjusts to up to 2 feet. So much fun, you'll want to play adult bondage games all day. Don't let your lover get away! Both Hands Full... and Bound. Ordinarily the cuffs were strapped tight around her wrists, and wrapped around the back. I enjoyed this because I imagined it made her gorgeous body and open playground to my desires. Tonight however was a different story. The cuffs were firmly in place to remind her of the role she was playing, but this time the connecting fabric was looser than usual. This time, I playfully growled, you're going to need both hands. She wasn't sure what I meant exactly, but her smile informed me she was more than willing to comply. New images added August 20, 2013.

Brand: Sport Sheets

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