Door Jam Cuffs Set

Door Jam Cuffs Set Door Jam Cuffs Set Door Jam Cuffs Set

Category: Handcuffs
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Door Jam Cuffs are great for stand-up sex. The quickest set-up ever! No installation! Will not leave any marks on doors! Place straps over the door, then close firmly. Opens the door to your fantasies. Great for travel to hotels and no-tell motels. Comes with one pair of cuffs and 2 door jam straps. Sports Cuffs are comfortable, adjustable, and sturdy. Fits almost any door. Easy on, easy off Velcro closures. Door Jam Cuffs Set is a registered trademark for Sportsheets. Keeping couples connected. Please note the package on this product is changing to a black background. New images added 2013. - 2012 package purple top and bottom.

Color: black, silver
Material: Metal, Fabric, Velcro
Length: 12
Height: 1.38
Brand: Sport Sheets

Price:  $26.95


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